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WirelesSestri - rules to access the service

What is WirelesSestri?
WirelesSestri is a free internet access service using wireless hotspots (i.e. areas covered by wireless access) provided by the Comune di Sestri Levante to the citizens and guests, through its information technology infrastructure.
Access is free and open to anyone, via a first-time registration and then through authentication (user ID and password).
The service provides access to all the town sites, email, social networks and all the internet sites allowed by the rules (see below).

Where are the wireless hotspots?

The following are the wireless service areas (Hotspot_Free_location):
• Piazza Italia e Viale Roma (Railway Station)
• Piazza Matteotti, in the area around Town Hall
• Viale Dante, in the area around the Municipal Offices
• Municipal swimming pool
• Corso Colombo (Public Library) (indoor and outdoor)
• Giardini (Gardens) Mariele Ventre
• Piazza della Repubblica
• Piazza Brigate Partigiane (in Riva Trigoso)
• Community Center  "Casette Rosse" (Via Primi e Via T. Paggi)

What are the registration and authentication procedures?

In order to access the service, you need to register and authenticate.  When you are in one of the hotspots, your internet browser will detect the wireless network and you will be prompted to register/authenticate.
The first time, you will need to register by entering your first and last name, email address, and cell phone number. 
At the end of this procedure, you will receive a free SMS on the cell phone with your credentials (ID and password); you will receive the same information at the email address used to register. 
These credentials are strictly personal and non-transferable, and identify the user accessing the service.
If you are already registered, all you need to do is to enter your credentials, which remain always the same.  You will have the opportunity to change your password periodically.
At this time, you will be able to surf the net; during this connection, you will be identifiable on the servers of the Comune di Sestri Levante through you cell phone number and the id (MAC address) of your computer.
Registration to the service is also available on the service web page of the Comune di Sestri Levante ( ; ).

Technical Specifications

The service can be accessed by any user with portable electronic devices (laptop, cell phone, Smartphone, palmtop, etc), with Wi-FI certified wireless cards and appropriately configured. 
The service is provided according to the security protocols specified by the law and by using standard and shared frequencies.
Be aware that the communication link between the hotspot transmitter and your device is NOT encrypted; the data is in clear text and, in theory, could be intercepted.  We strongly recommend that you do not transmit private and sensitive data (credit card information, any passwords, etc).
In addition, please remember:
• The user is responsible for the purchase and configuration of the device(s) to access the service
• The service does NOT provide technical support for the devices’ configuration (for additional information and online support you can contact IT services at );
• The service does NOT allow the use of power outlets owned by the Comune di Sestri Levante to power or recharge the user’s devices

Web Surfing rules

The following is forbidden while using the WirelesSestri service
• Unauthorized access to resources connected to the net
• Have negative impact on the normal net operation or its usability for other users
• Hack web sites
• Violate the privacy of other users
• Unauthorized transfer of information (software, database, etc)
• Peer-to-peer sessions
• Violate applicable laws, including any law pertinent to Information Technology and Electronic Communications
• Violate the copyrights and privacy laws
• Resell the connectivity to third parties or any commercial use of the access
• Access to sites inappropriate with the intent of the service (porno or erotic sites, etc)
The user is responsible and accountable to:
• Safeguard the service access codes
• Understand that the Comune di Sestri Levante is not responsible in any way  for the content, quality, validity of any information acquired on the net
• Do NOT disturb or damage the other users on the net, by sending inappropriate emails and messages not explicitly requested
• Do NOT engage in email spamming
• Assume total responsibility for the content of the messages sent
• In general, assume any responsibility derived from the use of the Wireless service
The Comune di Sestri Levante declines any responsibility for any event - received or procured to third parties – from the usage of terminals or connections using WirelesSestri.

Handling of personal information/data

The personal data and the cell number provided by the users will be captured and saved using Information technology protocols, according to the D.M. of August 16 2005.
Such data, minus the content of the communications, will be available upon request, including electronic means, to the Postal and Communication Police, the Judicial Authority and Police.  In addition, according to the current laws, the Comune di Sestri Levante will save the following:
• The data necessary to trace and identify the source of communications to access the Internet, specifically: name and address of the registered user to whom the unique Internet Protocol (IP) has been assigned for the communication and the user ID;
• The data necessary to determine the date, time and duration of a communication, specifically: date, time (GMT) of the connection and disconnection of the user of the service to access the Internet, the IP address , static or dynamic, uniquely assigned by the internet access provider to the communication and the identification of the registered user
At any time, the user could exercise the rights granted by the art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/03, by contacting the Comune di Sestri Levante; the user would be able to confirm the existence of the personal data, how is being used and saved, the update, change and integration that has taken place, and could exercise eventual opposition to the handling of the data. 
The Comune di Sestri Levante is NOT in any way responsible for the handling of the personal data entered by the user while using the Service. 

(Translation service is provided by Sandro Cafferata)